Fake Harvard rejection video goes viral

A fake 'Harvard' rejection letter is making the rounds online.

Addressed to Molly McGaan, the letter features hilarious lines like, "we are unable to offer admission to every student, regardless of their proficiency in ‘dank memes,' or their level of "$wagg moneyyyy.'"

The letter offers McGaan advice and informers her, "it is not wise to start an essay with the words, ‘listen here u little slanks' and end with, ‘McGann out*drops mic*'"

BDCWIRE.com says McGaan wrote the letter for her high school comedy magazine.

In an interview with BOSTONGLOBE.com, McGaan said she actually did apply to Harvard but hasn't gotten a response.

"People legitimately think it's real, which is so bizarre to me. It's just so insane," she told BOSTONGLOBE.com.