Fairfax County School Board challenges state’s student mask law

There is a renewed debate over masks in Virginia as a local school board looks to once again require its students to wear masks while in the classroom.

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Mask mandates are dropping nearly everywhere as COVID-19 rates have fallen. Still, Fairfax County wants to file a brief in federal court supporting an ACLU lawsuit, FOX 5's Melanie Alnwick reports.

The ACLU is representing parents of children with disabilities who say the new Virginia state law banning mask mandates means their immunocompromised children would be forced to stay home from school if COVID rates rise again, Alnwick says.

During a hearing on the lawsuit Monday, Commonwealth attorneys argued that schools have options besides masking. Including, giving high risk students KN95 masks, improved ventilation in classrooms, and remote learning options.

Fairfax County Public Schools says it has a stake in the suit because there are several hundred students with disabilities and high-risk medical conditions and says student safety and welfare decisions are the right of local school boards.