Fairfax County looking into charging for street parking in Tysons Corner, Reston

Drivers may have to pay up for street parking in places such as Tysons Corner and Reston if Fairfax County leaders get their way.

The proposal is still in the preliminary stages, but there is a good chance that drivers will have to pay for parking through a cellphone app instead of conventional parking meters, especially on public streets around Metro stations.

The Boro, a brand new community near the Metro station, could see its construction end and its streets go public by 2020. This is one area the county's study could look at as well as other nearby streets, neighborhoods and commercial zones near Silver Line Metro stations in Tysons Corner and in Reston.

Supporters of the study believe paid street parking is an inevitable path these areas are on as growth continue in these areas of Fairfax County. They say paid street parking will encourage more transit use and timelier turnover of spaces, which can also help reduce traffic.

Paid parking was a controversial issue at Reston Town Center after it received backlash from shoppers and businesses when it started at the beginning of last year.

Now, some drivers were not thrilled to hear about the new proposal for paying for parking on public streets at Tysons Corner and Reston.

"I just don't think people are going to give up their cars," said Kathy Bavely. "Maybe a few of the young people who can walk to work in the area, but unless you have got restaurants and everything within walking distance, how are you going to get there? You still have to take your car … Traffic here is a problem and I don't think charging for parking is going alleviate it."

"It's really expensive, so having paid parking will be an added-on mess," said Judy Crawford. "I hope they think about it."