Fairfax County Fire Department lieutenant charged with stealing drugs from at least 2 stations

A lieutenant with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue (FCFRD) has been arrested on drug charges, the police department says. 

Police say the initial investigation began on Aug. 1 after an FCFRD technician was conducting a monthly inspection of the medications at Fire Station 36 and noticed a vial of morphine that appeared to have been tampered with. 

The technician noted that the vial did not have the same amount of liquid in it as the others and there appeared to be a hole in the plastic-controlled substance kit. The technician reported this to the supervisor and an internal investigation was launched. 

During the investigation, fire officials were able to determine that there had been at least three other incidents where vials of morphine and fentanyl were either tampered with or stolen between August and September at fire stations 36 and 39.

On Sept. 6, FCFRD notified the Fairfax County Police Department about the incidents and a criminal investigation began. 

Investigators later determined that 40-year-old Aleksandra Olegoyna Kazmar, a FCFRD lieutenant and 17-year-veteran, was tampering with the vials to steal the medication for her personal use. She has been charged with one felony count of obtaining drugs by fraud. 

She was arrested and released on an unsecured bond. She has since been placed on administrative leave.