Fairfax Co. teen girl still fighting for her life after double shooting in which mother was charged

Fairfax County police say a teenage girl is still fighting for her life after a double shooting Sunday that left her 5-year-old sister dead.

Investigators arrested the girls' mother, 33-year-old Veronica Youngblood, who has been charged with second-degree murder.

FOX 5 has learned that the surviving girl is a figure skater. Her coach, Lynette Carroll, said she worked with the teenager every week through the Skating Club of Northern Virginia.

"I have been teaching her about four years," Carroll said. "She is a great kid. I love her. When I found out that this happened, I was really, really shocked and sad."

She gave FOX 5 a video of her practicing on the ice.

"We took her to competitions and stuff. She did extremely well there," said Carroll. "Bright kid in school. She talked to me about her singing career, that she really likes singing and she had a good group of friends. Everybody at the rink loved her."

Carroll said she also taught the girl's little sister several times.

"Super cute kid. Just like any four- or five-year-old," she said.

It was Sunday night when Veronica Youngblood allegedly shot her daughters inside their apartment in the 1500 block of Lincoln Circle in McLean. Youngblood was arrested soon after at the home of an acquaintance, according to police.

Youngblood is divorced from her husband, but they both cared for the kids. There were some problems, and he got a protective order against her in 2016.

Carroll said in the years she has known the family, there were no warning signs she noticed.

"In all honesty, there were really no red flags," said Carroll. "She seems like a typical mother."