EXCLUSIVE: Parents demand answers, transparency after Minnieland Academy day care worker arrested

Parents are demanding answers after a day care worker was arrested for allegedly abusing four young children, but were not notified about it.

Taylor Boykin was arrested Friday on charges that include aggravated sexual battery, object sexual penetration and indecent liberties by a custodian.

The 27-year-old worked as an assistant teacher at Minnieland Academy in Bristow.

On March 26, a 5-year-old girl told a parent that Boykin inappropriately touched her. The parent told Child Protective Services and police launched an investigation. They discovered three more victims - all 5 years old - who Boykin allegedly sexually assaulted since March 2017.

The parents that FOX 5 spoke with on Monday had not been told of Boykin's arrest. On Wednesday, ownership of Minnieland Academy flew out to hold a meeting with angry parents directly.

Ogunna Njoka, who spoke exclusively with FOX 5, said parents left very upset and with more questions than answers. They are angry with how Minnieland Academy has handled the situation, saying the corporate office has failed to rectify the situation.

"That was one of the shocking things about tonight - there is speculation that there may be more victims in addition to the four," said parent Ogunna Njoku. "There were other incidents that we heard about tonight that hadn't been communicated or documented. That was very concerning as well."

He added, "This individual, he was a person who gained the trust and confidence of the children. He wasn't like a creepy guy or stranger at a playground. This is someone you can invite into your house and was really personable. And for this to happen and then for the response to be the way it was and the lack of information, it's really disheartening to be going through something like this."

Njoku said Boykin worked at Minnieland Academy for several years. On Wednesday, the company told parents that a background check was conducted, but he was only recently fingerprinted. He was also allegedly left alone with kids on several occasions, which is against the day care's policy.

Njoku also told FOX 5 the owners expressed worry they would be sued over Boykin's arrest and called it "an insurance issue."

Minnieland Academy, which has dozens of locations across Northern Virginia, has faced other lawsuits in the past for issues at other locations.

FOX 5 has reached out to Minnieland Academy for further comment and information as to how the company plans on handling the Bristow case moving forward. We have yet to receive a response about these accusations from parents.

Prince William County police confirm the investigation is ongoing, but would not confirm whether there are more victims. Investigators were not at Wednesday night's meeting.