Ex-DC deputy mayor's next court date pushed to December

DC’s former deputy mayor of public safety and justice did not appear for an arraignment at the Arlington County Courthouse at 2 pm Monday. 

Chris Geldart is charged with assault and battery after a scuffle that was caught on camera and FOX 5 DC has the exclusive footage.

Geldart and his attorney, Karin Porter, did not appear in court. Instead, they did a notice of appearance of counsel, essentially pushing back his court date to December. At this time, Geldart has not pleaded guilty or not guilty or entered any plea deal.

Dustin Woodward, a personal trainer at the Gold’s Gym in Arlington, Virginia, said Geldart hit his girlfriend’s car door on Saturday, Oct 1. That’s when the two got into an argument and the fight quickly escalated.

"He’s walking around the car; Screaming, cussing, yelling and so I finally turn around and tell him to ‘shut up’. That’s when he walks up on me. We get chest to chest, he walked right up on me, he sticks his hand out and grabs me by the throat by which point I just shove him off and say don’t touch me," said Woodward to FOX 5 after the scuffle in the Wilson Boulevard Parking lot.

Last week, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Geldart resigned from his position and that the decision was mutual.

Geldart also faced scrutiny for living outside the District. He’s accused of having a home in Falls Church, Virginia with his family and renting an apartment in D.C. to meet residency requirements. Geldart explained to the Washington Post that he was "geo-bacheloring". That’s a military term used to describe an arrangement where service members live apart from their families. Geldart also told the newspaper he was embarrassed by his actions, but had no further comment.

FOX 5 did contact Geldart’s attorney, Karin Porter, by both phone and e-mail and have not received any response.

Throughout the course of the several reports over the past two weeks, attempts to get in touch with Geldart have been unsuccessful. At last check, his wife told FOX "no comment."

Geldart is expected back in court on December 8th at 9:30 am.