Ex-boyfriend charged with DC woman's murder had restraining order filed against him

A D.C. mother and church worker killed over the weekend went to police about the man accused of killing her just one day before she was murdered.

Stephanie Goodloe was so fearful of her ex-boyfriend, Donald Hairston, that she had recently gotten a temporary restraining order against him after filing two police reports about his threats on June 4 and June 9.

Then on Friday, Goodloe went to police again, reporting Hairston violated the restraining order by calling her twice. According to an arrest affidavit, she reported that Hairston told her she should move from D.C. because he planned "to send others to harm her," and said he didn't care if he went to jail.

Early Saturday, police said Hairston shot and killed Goodloe in her home. He was later arrested on a charge of first-degree murder.

On Monday, flowers and balloons lined the stairs to Goodloe's Southeast D.C. home.

"You want good things to happen to good people," said Dan, a neighbor who opted not to give his last name. "And I was really, really shocked."

He said Goodloe was a mother to a young daughter, a girl about 12 years old.

"She was devoted to her daughter," he said. "Her daughter came first. Always buying books, always very proud of her accomplishments. It was always so nice to see them go to church on Sunday."

Goodloe was very active in her faith. She was a former daycare worker at the Christian Tabernacle of God and was also involved with youth ministry at Mount Gilead Baptist Church where she attended. Dan said she had also worked with special needs children at a nearby alternative school.

He said neighbors are in the process of setting up a college fund for Goodloe's daughter.