EMTs for DC contractor say personal vehicles being broken into while they respond to 911 calls

Several first responders for a city medical transportation contractor said thieves are breaking into their cars while they are responding to emergency calls across the District.

Ambulances for American Medical Response are dispatched to several hospitals around Washington D.C. But their employees said a parking problem at work is making their cars targets to theft.

Paramedic Kyle Seymour said his employers refuses to move the ambulances in their parking lot to give workers a place to park in.

"Our thing is when we are out there trying to respond to 911 calls and help you guys out, we don't need to be thinking about 'Is our vehicle safe? Is it going to be back here when we come back to work?' Seymour said.

The back window of Seymour's vehicle was smashed and thieves stole several items from his vehicle including a work two-way radio, a pager and a bulletproof vest.

He said he is not alone. Similar incidents have occurred to at least half a dozen American Medical Response employees. A mother of four who works for the EMT contractor reportedly had her car stolen off the street while she was responding to a call.

The company reportedly said it is not their responsibility even though employees said they are told to utilize street parking along V Street when their parking lot is full.

During our interview with Seymour, a member of American Medical Response's management team showed up, but refused to comment on this.

Employees said the company has other parking lot options, but they are off limits to them.

Seymour said the next step he will take is to contact an attorney. He said his auto insurance will only cover part of the damage and that is after a $1,000 deductible.