Electric scooters accused of being a nuisance on LA streets are now being destroyed in creative ways

An Instagram account is documenting all of the creative ways people are destroying electric scooters they come across, and most of the videos are being filmed in LA's west side.

The Instagram account "@birdgraveyard" is run by three men who wish to remain anonymous. One of them met with FOX 11 in Venice on Monday.

"All the videos are user submitted," he said. "There's so many ways you can destroy them we've seen some pretty creative ways."

The videos on the account show Bird and Lime scooters being hurled from rooftops, launched off of mountains, thrown into the ocean, pushed down storm drains, smashed to pieces, and set on fire.

The city of Santa Monica is cracking down on illegal use of the scooters.

Santa Monica PD told FOX 11 that over the weekend, they made 900 stops and seized 250 electric scooters down by the beach bike path, where the scooters are illegal.

In all of Santa Monica, police made 2,300 stops since July 14, and gave out around 700 citations, majority of which were for not wearying a helmet.

Other violations include double riding, no license, and riding on sidewalks.

The Bird and Lime bikes seem to be scattered all over the place in cities like Santa Monica and Venice, and opinions on them are mixed.

"We rode from Venice to Santa Monica, and it cost us $2, it was pretty cool, I liked it I had fun," said Jodi Frano.

"They're really annoying," said Appo Jabarian. "They get in the way, they stop the normal flow of traffic, it's really getting out of hand."