Dumfries family searches for answers after 7 bullets strike home overnight

The Zahid family woke up Tuesday morning to a situation they never thought they'd find themselves in -- and now they fear their home will never be the same.

Zeeshan Zahid and his family have been living in their Dumfries home for about seven years.

"Nothing has happened to us since we've been here," said Zahid.

But at around 2:30 a.m., the Zahid family woke up to a different tune.

"It's something you could never prepare for. So many different thoughts strike your mind," said Zahid.

That tune was the sound of bullets crashing into three floors of their home.

"Shots came from back there and went through the dining room," said Zahid.

Zahid's wife woke up to loud sounds thinking it was a tree hitting the window until they began to look around the house.

"I saw a bullet on the ground," said Zahid. "I removed the drapes and saw a giant hole from where the bullet had entered."

It was the last thing the Zahid family thought would ever happen.

His wife called the police and within minutes the neighborhood was surrounded by officers.

"We were able to get out there and determine indeed that bullets had struck the residents. We located several shell casings," said Prince William County Police Officer Jonathan Perok.

In total, seven bullets hit the family's home during the shooting.

One of the bullets went through a neighbor's home and struck a car and a garage door across the street.

Police are saying there is no reason to believe the Zahid family was targeted. They are suggesting this incident is a case of reckless handling of a firearm.

Nevertheless, Zahid feels this incident will make his house feel less and less like a home.

"Seven bullets struck our house. We need something done," said Zahid.

Police are asking anyone with information related to this incident to contact them immediately.