Ducklings find new home, neighbors at senior living facility in Ashburn

A senior living facility in Ashburn is the new home for a mother duck and her babies, and residents have been ensuring their facility is a safe and welcoming place for the family to call their own.

PHOTO: Audobon photographer Stacie Davis

Following the ducklings’ hatching, the residents of Waltonwood Ashburn installed a baby pool affectionately called "the training center" to help the ducklings learn to swim.

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For many seniors, connecting with nature brings great meaning to life and provides a number of health benefits, such as improving strength and endurance, providing relaxation, and even preventing disease, Waltonwood says.

PHOTO: Audobon photographer Stacie Davis

PHOTO: Audobon photographer Stacie Davis

"Having the opportunity to connect with nature is incredibly important, and welcoming this special family to our property is very meaningful for all of us," said Christopher Leinauer, executive director at Waltonwood Ashburn. "Here at Ashburn, we’re dedicated to providing our residents with the resources they need to live life well, and when our residents realized we had a new member of the family to take care of, we jumped into action. We’re learning as we go about what this mom and her babies need and working with a local wildlife association to make sure when they’re ready, they can make the flight out of our courtyard."

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The decision to allow the mother and her ducklings to remain on the property was a unanimous one from residents. However, no one can agree on names for these unique residents.

In addition to support from the wildlife association, the community is working with Audobon photographer Stacie Davis to document the new resident and her family so that even after they’re ready and leave the nest, residents will be able to remember these special guests for years to come. 

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"At Waltonwood Ashburn, we encourage our residents to pursue any endeavors that give them purpose and benefit their wellness," said Leinauer. "Our residents have been absolutely thrilled to care for mom and her ducklings, and we have enjoyed the anticipation and celebration of new life. We believe in the importance of family and are honored to welcome these new members of the Waltonwood family."