Dry January: Are mocktails the new cocktails?

The New Year welcomes new goals and intentions, and for some this includes a temporary break from drinking alcohol. 

Dry January— a month-long challenge to be sober was officially introduced as a campaign in 2013 under the organization Alcohol Change UK. Since then, more and more individuals attempt to complete this feat each year. 

Although throughout the years, there has been an increase in the purchase of non-alcoholic beverages ranging from beers to canned mocktails. According to data firm NIQ's tracking of sales in U.S. supermarkets, non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits sales increased 32% during the 52-week period ending Oct. 7, 2023 compared to the previous year.

Brands like Mocktail Club, a premium non-alcoholic cocktail company that got its start after seeing a limited number of exciting and healthy non-alcoholic options with fun and interesting flavors.

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A rise in zero-proof bars has been seen around the country as the growth in sobriety continues to increase. 

D.C.'s first zero-proof bar, Binge Bar, recently opened on H Street in Southeast. The bar aims to give the atmosphere and flavor people are looking for but without the booze. After a crash and DUI, owner Vergie Arandid launched the business, in hopes of creating a space where patrons can experience community while also honoring their sobriety with some flavorful mocktails. 

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Binge Bar seamlessly aligns with the nationwide growth of no-alcohol establishments fueled by the changing drinking habits of Gen Z and millennials.

And over the pond in Alexandria, the bottle shop and tasting room, Umbrella Dry Drinks, is becoming a local favorite. The first of its kind store opened in Aug. 2022 and strives to provide a wide variety of non-alcoholic options for those who indulge.