Drunk driver hits parked car, goes through fence before slamming into Arlington home: police

A suspected drunk driver was taken into custody after police say he hit a parked car before going through and fence and eventually slamming into the foundation of a home in Arlington

Officers were called to 8th Road S. at S. Buchanan Street around 12:15 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 13 for a report of a crash. At the scene, police found a wrecked vehicle driven by 27-year-old Angel Medina Ramirez. 

Ramirez struck the house just feet away from where the Buckley family was sitting wither their toddler that night. Thankfully, they were all ok but they say had it not been for the retaining wall of their home, the car could have come careening into their living room, leading to a very different outcome. 

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After investigating, police said it appeared Ramirez was speeding when he struck an unoccupied parked vehicle and spun out of control, crashing through the Buckley's fence and into the foundation of their home. FOX 5 is told Ramirez lives within walking distance of the crash site.

He was taken to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. 

As a result of the investigation, Ramirez was arrested and charged with DUI — his third offense — and reckless driving. He was held without bond.

Mom Katy Buckley says speeding is a problem on their street and hopes lawmakers will address the issue before something worse happens.

"We need it to be safer on this street. There are a lot of young families here, there are a lot of children that play here. Our babysitter has said she is sometimes fearful to cross the street in the middle of the day and at night we're woken up — at all hours of the night — with revving engines. So, we would like this street to be safer," Buckley said.