Dorothy Bush Koch teaches power of mindfulness

The youngest daughter of President George H.W. Bush has taken quite a different path from her father and her brothers, George and Jeb.

Dorothy Bush Koch, who is often called Doro, is devoted to all things health.

"We believe that the health of the mind is equally as important as the health of the body," Koch said.

But it was actually the stress of the political world that led her to practice mindfulness.

"I needed mindfulness because I come from a family that's in the spotlight," she said. "And even though I'm not in the public eye all the time, it affects all of us in good ways and in bad ways."

Koch says mindfulness -- being present in the moment -- helps her overcome the negative things she hears about her family in the media.

And now, another one of her brothers is running for the White House.

"When I heard Jeb was running, I first thought, 'Wow. I'm not sure I can go through another campaign.' But Jeb is so smart," Koch said. "It's almost harder for the people that love the candidate rather than the candidate."

She says members of the Bush family practice mindfulness in their own ways.

For instance, her brother George has taken up painting, and two of his latest pieces hang in her home.

Koch says she often turns to mindfulness when she gets worried about the health of her parents, now 90 and 91.

"Dad had not a great summer in that he broke his neck. He says, 'I can jump out of an airplane perfectly well, but I couldn't get out of bed without breaking my neck,'" Koch said.

So she has learned to control her thoughts before they can control her.

A founder of the Achieving Optimal Health Conference, Koch now teaches others how to practice mindfulness as well.

The conference is being held October 24 at Georgetown University.