Dog ownership resorted to Montgomery County woman at center of animal cruelty case

A Montgomery County woman whose home was the center of an animal cruelty case involving more than 60 animals, gets to have some of those animals back on Saturday. 

In an email from the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center dated Nov. 13, foster families are being asked to bring back retriever dogs that have been temporarily placed since the animals were removed back in August from a home on Beallsville Road.

Part of the letter read:

“The owner will be receiving 12 dogs of her choice back. Although this is not what we would all consider ideal, she will have restrictions in place to prevent this situation from reoccurring. Our officers will work with the owner to identify which dogs she will be keeping. The remainder of the dogs will be signed over to the County and we will move forward with different placement options.”

It was unclear Friday how and why the commercial breeder will be allowed to pick 12 golden retrievers of her choice.

Thomas Koening, director of animal services with the center told FOX 5 that the process is all part of a settlement agreement that is not public record.

The more than 60 animals including dogs, cats and turtles were removed from the home in Dickerson as animal services officers deemed it to be unfit for the care of the animals. 

The removal occurred after  officers inspected and did a welfare check on the home where a dog had to be humanely euthanized because of its condition while another dog that was reported missing was identified during the seizure.

Since then, several of the remaining animals including golden retrievers were put into foster care or kept at the adoption center in Rockville. 

Koening went on to say that the system was a way to help maintain the health of the animals and prevent overcrowding.

He said the request, which does not require a court order or legal document is considered a normal routine procedure, since the county serves as the owner or custodian of the dogs involved in this case.