Despite tragic shooting, Capital Gazette still publishes paper on following day

Less than 24 hours after a man armed with a shotgun came into the building where the Capital Gazette newspaper resides and opened fire that left five people dead and two others injured, the publication showed its amazing resiliency and dedication to journalism by publishing a new edition on Friday.

In an early morning tweet Friday, the Capital Gazette posted the front page of its paper:

The slain victims were identified as Wendi Winters, Rebecca Smith, Rob Hiaasen, Gerald Fischman and John McNamara. Four were journalists for the newspaper while the other victim was a sales assistant.

The Associated Press Media Editors have promised to support the newspaper in their recovery from the tragic shooting and to help its journalists cover the news in their community.

"We pledge our support in their recovery and support them in the means it takes to mend the hurt and loss," the APME said in part in a statement. "We will support these journalists to enable them to keep covering their community and standing for the values we all treasure - freedom of the press, an obligation to the truth, being on the frontline as a watchdog and a way for many to have a voice. We respect that journalists who follow this creed are human, have families, are a vital part of this great society and and are all too mortal.

"In the coming days, we hope to help in a concrete way to support the recovery, along with our partners in journalism leadership, including ASNE. Join us and, through your support, lift up our extended family at the Capital Gazette."