Despite surveillance video and persons of interest, DC stabbing murder remains unsolved 1 year later

It has been a year since a man was fatally stabbed in Northwest D.C. Police have surveillance images of three persons of interest in this case, but his murder remains unsolved.

But what stands out the most about Antonio Austin's murder is where it happened. The 31-year-old was killed on July 27, 2015 near Metropolitan Police Department's headquarters that is surrounded by tons of merchants and countless surveillance cameras that have produced crystal clear images of the accused killers.

Despite the video footage, Austin's family is frustrated that there are still no arrests as the one-year anniversary of his death passes.

"I feel like because of the crime rate and increase in D.C. that they just brushed it under the rug," said Octavia Nedd, Austin's younger sister.

Police say otherwise, but Nedd does raise a well-documented point - there is more crime and fewer officers to fight it or solve it.

Nedd's brother is just one case. He was fatally stabbed in the 400 block of E Street in Northwest D.C.

"It's sad," Nedd said. "It's been a whole year and nothing. You have clear footage of these guys that have done this to our brother and still nothing. You can't even celebrate his life because justice hasn't been served."

She added, "It says that the justice system is torn down. If you can't trust in your justice system to help you out in times like this, who do you trust in?"

Seven months ago, D.C.'s police force dropped below 3,800 for the first time in a decade, mostly due to retirements and officers leaving to join other departments.

"These three murderers are still out there," said Nedd. "I want to go searching myself, but that's not the smart thing to do, so I put trust into the system thinking that they would. It's ridiculous. You have a crystal clear footage and it's nothing."

D.C. police said the case is under investigation and there are no updates.

Austin would have turned 32 years old in March. He left behind a 10-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son.