Derailment by Reagan National Airport spurs Metro to inspect all 2000, 3000 series trains

Metro ordered a visual inspection of all 2000 and 3000 series trains to be done by the morning after a major disruption at one of the busiest transit hubs in the nation’s capital.

There was a train derailment Friday by Ronald Reagan National Airport, shutting down service between the airport and Potomac Yard Station.

WMATA General Manager Randy Clarke told FOX 5 that the 7000 series train hit something on the tracks. The object, Clarke said, is apparently a component from the braking system of a 3000 series train that fell off as the train went by, and then the next 7000 series train hit it and derailed.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

WMATA said 43 people were safely removed from the derailed train. The trains involved were running on the Blue Line and were headed toward Franconia-Springfield. 

It was an all-hands-on-deck response – the whole scene unfolded around 11 o’clock Friday morning. 

SkyFOX over the scene captured the train stopped on a rail bridge just south of the airport.

There was confusion after Metro tried to move passengers by shuttle after shutting down service between three Reagan National and Potomac Yard stations. 

The northbound lane is back open, officials said, and you can go from D.C. to the airport and back. 

Southbound lanes are still running by shuttle as Metro continues its investigation into what damage there may be on the track from the derailment.  

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Clarke also mentioned during a press conference that the 3000 series train kept going. They don’t think the object that fell impacted that train’s braking system, but that train operator knew about it. 

The agency doesn't know what car the part came from but that train has been pulled off for a full inspection – with a further review of the older serious trains planned for this weekend.