Dennis Miller: I think Acosta's rude

Comedian and outspoken political commentator Dennis Miller is chiming in one day after the White House suspended CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's press pass.

Miller was on Good Day DC on Thursday to defend the White House's decision.

The five-time Emmy winner told FOX 5:

"I think Acosta's rude. I don't that this gets all that deep politically, but I can tell you when Acosta gets back to the break room at CNN they all sit around with a cardboard box of coffee and some three-day-old donuts they got a deal on, and they all toast him for speaking truth to power - fine whatever they want to tell themselves as far as being Robin Hood, but there are certain human etiquettes and he's not adhering them in there."

Miller is promoting a new comedy special - "Fake News, Real Jokes!" - which hit streaming platforms this week.