Death of local teen in Paraguay first ruled suicide; now ruled homicide

The death of a U.S. teen living in Paraguay that was originally ruled a suicide is now being investigated as a murder after an autopsy confirmed that the boy did not take his own life.

Alex Villamayor, the 16-year-old son of a former Paraguayan congressman from Montgomery County, Luis Villamayor, was found dead on June 27th on the terrace of a farm in Paraguay where he was staying with friends over the weekend.

The teen had been shot once in the head. A gun was also found laying next to his body.

By studying the residue left from the gunshot, the doctors conducting the autopsy found that Villamayor did not fire the gun found next to his body.

Another key piece of evidence that led investigators away from ruling the teen's death a suicide was a confession by a person employed at the farm.

Alex's aunt Kim Luk joined FOX 5 with more on the investigation and how the family reacted to the news.