Deanwood murder suspect surrounded by 18 U.S. Marshals, security in court

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A teenager who calls himself 'Shoota Moe' on Facebook was in court on Tuesday for the death of 15-year-old Devonte Washington. He was arrested on Monday evening and is being held without bond.

18 U.S. Marshals and court security surrounded 17-year-old Maurice Bellamy who is facing 2nd degree murder charges for shooting and killing Washington at the Deanwood Metro station on Saturday.

Police say Bellamy walked onto the platform at Deanwood metro on Saturday with two of his friends and at some point got the attention of Washington, who was sitting with his family, minding his own business and looking at his phone.

Washington looked up and said "What you talking about cuz?" and just seconds later after both boys said "what's up?" to each other, whit nesses say Bellamy pulled out a gun and fired twice, killing the 15-year-old who was with his family on his way to get his hair cut for Easter.

"Of all the tragic things we see when it comes to violence nothing is really more senseless than this case in my opinion, the loss of a 15 year old under any circumstances is tragic but certainly in this case even more so in that it appears that there is just no reason for it," expressed prosecutor Glen Kirschner.

Outside of the courtroom, Washington's grandfather expressed relief that Bellamy was off the street, "It is a new meaning to a senseless act --for what reason that's what everybody wants to know for what reason would you do this."

The court affidavit says Bellamy was identified from photographs of known juvenile offenders and noted that at one time he was committed to a juvenile group home in Northwest.

As many as 30 relatives were in the courtroom to witness the 17-year-olds first appearance. Devonte Washington was a freshman at Largo High School and was in Junior ROTC.

There is a GoFundMe account to help the victim's family with funeral expenses. Click here to help.