DC woman says she was victim of 'vomit fraud' by Lyft

Jessel Williams takes a Lyft to work every morning she has to be at the Starbucks inside Union Station by 4 a.m. But this past Sunday, her ride was more trouble than it was worth.

"The ride was just quiet. He was driving, I was on my phone. I got there, said 'thank you' got out and I had only a few minutes before I had to clock in so I didn't waste more time after that and everything just seemed fine. He ended the ride no questions was asked."

But after she got home that night, she says she got an email saying she was the passenger in a Lyft car when "damaged was incurred."

The driver even sent in pictures as proof. And to her surprise her account had already been charged a damage fee of $100.

"I'm like 'What? $100? I didn't even do nothing!' then when he sent the pictures I was like 'No this is during the day time. It's dark at 3 o'clock in the morning so this definitely cant be me," she said.

Williams tells FOX 5 she then sent several emails back and forth with the company, and eventually her persistence paid off.

Two days later Lyft emailed saying: "We will not be moving forward with this damage fee" and that her money would be refunded in the next 2-7 business days.

But Williams isn't satisfied and hopes her story is a warning to others.

"It's fast money because you clearly see how fast he got it. It didn't take nothing but a few pictures to do it," she said.

Lyft says they take damage disputes very seriously. And after investigating the claims they determined the evidence presented was insufficient and are working to refund the passenger.

But Williams says she is done with Lyft after the frustration it brought her.

"Out of all the times I've been driving with you, never once have I ever done anything disrespectful to your drivers so for this to happen. You didn't take my history into consideration, yeah im just kind of over it."