DC Public Library apologizes after officer accused of asking woman to remove hijab

D.C. Public Library is investigating a report that a Muslim woman was asked to leave a library by an officer because of her hijab.

The public safety officer allegedly asked the woman to remove what he thought was a hoodie at the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library. But she was actually wearing a hijab.

The library said it is taking the accusation very seriously and the officer has been removed from patrol. The library has its own officers and the officer involved is not part of the Metropolitan Police Department.

D.C. Public Library said it is also trying to track down the woman.

"We haven't been contacted by her and we would love to talk with her to apologize and ensure her that the library is committed to diversity and equality and is something that is welcome to all," said Richard Reyes-Gavilan, executive director for D.C. Public Library.