DC pop-up art show celebrates art and sport in a two-story interactive exhibit

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When art and sports meet in D.C. a playground by the name of 'Future of Sports' is born.

Imagine two tons of salt - cold to the touch, brilliant in photos - underneath an indoor beach volleyball net surrounded by bright orange striped walls, INVITING you to jump in and play.

Such is the case at Future of Sports, the newest "pop-up" in D.C.'s hip H street NE corridor. Founded by Made in the District's Nicole Pinedo, the installation features nine rooms of interactive play dedicated to sports like tennis, boxing, football, cycling and basketball.

The colorfully constructed warehouse fuses art with the energy of sport in a visually stimulating space.

A holographic basketball court with an authentic scoreboard and lockers, donated by the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, and neon lights surrounding an American football throwing arcade are just some of the highlights.

"We want you to play," producers Mahada and Allison said.

Don't forget to sign the autograph room before you leave - making your mark on the new exhibit that only lasts through the November 30.