DC Police realign patrol districts and boundaries in effort to optimize operations, officials say

D.C. Police have realigned their patrol boundaries in the District in a move they say will optimize the department's operations.

Over the last nine months, police say they evaluated boundaries set in 2012, paying particular attention to workload, anticipated population growth, economic development, and community needs.

Goals for the 2019 realignment include optimizing the availability of police resources, officer safety and wellness, and efficient delivery of police services, officials say.

The department says all districts will see some changes due to the realignment. Some areas, like the First, Third, and Fifth police districts, will see significant changes. Other areas will see only minor adjustments.

Neighborhood changes include:

- Mount Pleasant (4D to 3D)
- Park View (3D to 4D)
- Fairlawn (7D to 6D)
- Small portion of Capitol Hill/H Street Area (1D to 5D)
- Truxton Circle/Bloomingdale (5D to 3D)
- Portion of downtown, including City Center (1D to 2D)

Officials say police services in the city will not change and that the realignment being implemented is "structural in nature."