DC Police Chief says FOX 5's security plan helped prevent injuries after intruder forced way inside

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D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham praised FOX 5's security plan a day after a man who kicked in the glass doors to WTTG's building and forced his way inside was shot by an armed guard in the television station's lobby.

Newsham confirmed that 38-year-old George Odemns remained hospitalized Tuesday and is in critical condition. He said that the investigation into the incident is still continuing and said he was aware of several lawsuits Odemns had filed and emails he had sent.

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While Odemns has not been interviewed yet by police due to his condition, Newsham said he is not aware of any threatening or terrorism related content in any of the emails the alleged intruder is accused of sending.

Odemns has been charged with second degree burglary, which Newsham said is the most serious of the alleged offenses. Newsham said investigators will determine if any additional charges need to be added.

"Thankfully he was not armed and thankfully none of the folks over at FOX 5 were injured," he said.

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Newsham said WTTG does a great job of handling security at the building and suggested others follow the station's example. He has visited FOX 5 many times in the past and noted that a doorway entry design, a buzzer system, video surveillance recordings and security officers were all in place during Monday's emergency.

"I think all of that security contributed to the fact that nobody was hurt at FOX 5," he said.