DC man gets 21 years for hijacking Metrobus, fatally running over gas station employee

A D.C. man has been sentenced to more than 21 years in prison for stealing a Metrobus, and then running over and killing a man at a gas station in 2016.

Keith Loving apologized for what he did and told the judge his life is "messed up."

On the morning of May 3, 2016, Keith Bullock was driving his Metrobus on Jay Street in Northeast D.C. when he stopped to let on a passenger later identified as Loving. As the bus pulled off, Loving suddenly became violent. He pulled out a pair of needle nose pliers and attacked the Metrobus driver.

The two scuffled as four passengers ran out the back door. The driver then stepped off the vehicle and Loving took control of the Metrobus.

The four security cameras on the bus captured most of what happened next. Loving struck the side of another bus that was carrying senior citizens before he turned and headed for the Crown gas station on Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue.

Anthony Payne, a gas station employee, was taking out the trash as Loving steered the bus into the gas station. Suddenly, Loving accelerated toward Payne and the worker became trapped under the Metrobus.

Some people tried to help Payne as Loving sat behind the wheel for several minutes.

Evidence later showed that Loving was under the influence of PCP and had just smoked K2.

When police arrived at the scene, they came with guns drawn. They approached the bus very carefully before getting on and taking Loving into custody.

On Friday, Loving was given a chance to make a statement just before he was sentenced by a judge. He said he felt bad about what happened. He offered his condolences to the Payne family and also said it breaks his heart.