DC elementary teacher remixed Rare Essence 'Overnight Scenario' for an inspired lesson

This teacher put some D.C. flavor in a fun lesson inspired by go-go.

In a viral tweet from Tati G, which has been retweeted over 3,000 times, the parent of a KIPP Elementary student showed a remixed classic by the legendary Rare Essence-- on a more educational scale.

The original lyrics go a little something like:

8 in the morning talking about the fun she had
9 in the morning she just getting home
Talking about the overnight scenario, scenario

The remixed version reads:

8 in the morning, we're our books
9 in the morning, we're about to grow out brains
10 in the morning, the class will go out
10:15, you're gonna hear us start to shout
11 in the morning, we'll be doing our math
Around about 3, we're about to pack our bags
5 in the evening, we're just getting home, talking 'bout the Promise Day Scenario, Scenario

In a huge round of applause, D.C. natives praised the unknown teacher for their brilliant creativity and fun approach to teaching. Some even said to they deserve the "best teacher of the year award."

And if you didn't read the song like Rare Essence taught you, you didn't do it right!

FOX 5 has had the honor of welcoming the band to the studio for a wake and crank performance. Watch here!