DC Dine All Night: Select restaurants offering all night service, limited-time menus

A new program will let restaurant-goers enjoy dozens of D.C. dining spots after hours.

D.C. Dine All Night launches on Sept. 21 and runs through Oct.1. Restaurants will be open all night offering an 11-day limited-time-only menu.

Put on by the District’s Department of Small and Local Business Development, the program aims to help restaurants struggling post-pandemic to bounce back and attract new customers.

The department is now seeking out eateries and bars to join in — hoping to have at least 100 restaurants participate. 

Dine All Night is a new feature of D.C.’s 12-year-old Art All Night program — a two-day event in late September celebrating entertainment and the arts in all eight Wards. 

With this addition, culinary arts can be appreciated as part of the district’s extensive art landscape. Talented local chefs and mixologists across D.C. will have a chance to showcase their skills and share a taste of the district’s vibrant flavors.