DC Council to introduce bill to repeal Initiative 77

The focus Tuesday will be on the D.C. Council as several lawmakers take their first steps toward overturning an initiative that would raise the wages of restaurant servers and bartenders who earn tips.

Initiative 77 was passed by city voters earlier this year. Businesses such as restaurants and bars will have to pay tipped employees a minimum wage of $12.50 per hour. That amount will increase to $15 an hour by 2020.

Several councilmembers will file a bill Tuesday to overturn the initiative. The measure was highly-debated in the service industry as opponents of the bill voiced concerns that this could lead to businesses adding a service charge to customers or cutting jobs to make up for the added cost.

Once the repeal is filed the D.C. Council would wait to discuss it until after their summer break.

The Council is also expected to consider a proposal to turn down the volume of street performers. The current noise ordinance shuts off amplified music at 10 p.m. The new proposed ordinance would instead not allow any amplified music that can be heard past 100 feet away at any time of day.