DC could start using new cameras to fine drivers with noisy cars

Street cameras in D.C. may start snapping photos of loud vehicles soon. If one council member's bill gets passed, the drivers will be receiving a fine in the mail. 

Councilmember Brooke Pinto says she has received a number of complaints from her constituents about the loud noise from cars — especially on U Street.

And while some people FOX 5 spoke to like to Vroom Vroom! It was hard to find anyone who didn't think it wasn't a little irritating and obnoxious. 

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"It's annoying, but most of city life is," one man strolling the Navy Yard neighborhood said Thursday. "Early in the morning or late at night, it can be kind of scary sometimes when it's dark out, you're driving and something roars up right beside you. I think it's just part of people expressing their freedom and their right to have that type of vehicle."

The new Vehicular Noise Reduction Act of 2023 would create a noise camera pilot program. 

Each ward would potentially have two locations selected where the technology would be set up to take pics of loud vehicles. 

A photo would be sent to the District Department of Transportation for review and if the driver is deemed guilty, they'll be fined. 

The mayor's office and the District Department of Transportation would work together to determine the appropriate amount for these cases. 

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The bill would also include giving money to help residents with unintentionally loud vehicles, so they can get them fixed. 

Understandably loud vehicles like sirens on police vehicles and ambulances, of course, would not be fined. 

There's currently no timeline for how soon this could come to fruition, but FOX 5 will keep you posted.