DC coffee shop owner gets $10,000 Pepco bill

Joseph Oh, owner of Coffee Nature in Northwest, says he was confused when he first saw the bill.

"It was $10,000, so I thought it was $1,000-something. Then, I just realized there was one more digit," he told FOX 5.

Oh says his Pepco bill is usually around $900 a month. His most recent bill was $10,816.

In a statement, the utility said it is standard policy in a situation like this, "to offer the customer the option of paying a portion of the amount due or an amount similar to the previous bill. We care about our customers and have already reached out to get this resolved quickly. "

Pepco says it has launched an investigation into the bill. Late Tuesday, Oh told us a Pepco representative says the company plans to reverse the bill.

We asked Pepco and they say they are sticking with their original statement.