DC bill proposed to ban gas-powered leaf blowers

Fall is in full force and that means leaves are falling all over the area. However, leaf blowers can also be heard all over too. Now, a D.C. councilmember said she has heard so many complaints over the years that she wants to ban gas-powered leaf blowers.

Several years ago, D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh proposed a bill that would phase out gas-powered blowers by 2022, leaving people to use only electric or battery-powered equipment that would produce less noise and pollution. But her proposal has gone nowhere.

"It's not moving in the council because it's not in my committee, and committee chairs, they decide what moves and it hasn't been moving," Cheh said.

However, there is support out there for this legislation. A group called Quiet Clean D.C. are against gas-powered blowers and shifting to battery-powered leaf blowers would result in less pollution, less noise and less health risk for workers and residents.

But George Seen said he prefers his gas-powered blower.

"A gas one is much better because you can carry around with you," he said.

Who would enforce this ban? It would likely be up to police or the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

Seen said there are more important things out there for city leaders to deal with.

He told us, "Come on. Be for real. A leaf blower? Of all things they can think about to deal with? Come on now."

A similar leaf blower ban was passed in Newton, Massachusetts earlier this year. However, since it was passed, it has sparked hundreds of noise complaints from residents and has put a strain on police.