DC, Baltimore among America's Worst Drivers, Allstate says

Insurance behemoth Allstate is out with its ranking of the best drivers in the top 200 cities of the United States.

In this ranking, the best drivers are considered the safest ones, who file the least amount of insurance claims.

At the top is the southern Texas town of Brownsville.

The average motorist in Brownsville files an insurance claim about every 13.6 years.

The national average for collisions is once every 10 years.

In second place, Kansas City's drivers file claims once every 13.1 years. In third, Boise where 12.2 years pass between claims.

The remaining top 10 include Huntsville, Madison, Laredo, Midland, Cape Coral, Fort Collins and McAllen.

At the bottom of the list at no. 198 is Washington where claims are filed once every 3.9 years, followed by 199. Boston with claims filed also every 3.9 years along with a high chance of filing one, added Allstate.

Baltimore closes out the list at the bottom with drivers filing insurance claims every 3.8 years.