DC Attorney General files appeal in antitrust lawsuit against Amazon

The District of Columbia has filed an appeal in its lawsuit against Amazon that accused the online retail giant of anticompetitive practices in its treatment of sellers on its platform.

DC Attorney General Karl Racine filed the lawsuit in May 2021 claiming Amazon's practices have raised prices for consumers and stifled innovation and choice in the online retail market.

A U.S. court granted Amazon's motion to dismiss the complaint earlier this year.

"We're filing an appeal in our antitrust lawsuit against Amazon because consumers deserve a fair online marketplace that promotes competition, innovation, & choice-- not one that's rigged to line a single company's pockets," Racine tweeted Thursday.

"The law and facts are on our side in this case, and on the side of DC residents. We'll keep fighting back against massive companies when they abuse their power, and we look forward to making our case before the Court of Appeals," his tweet continued.