DC area parents debate in private online groups over school dress codes for students

Crop tops, cut-off jean shorts and short skirts, are just a few concerns that some parents in the D.C. region are sounding off about on various private online groups.

FOX 5's Ayesha Khan has been following various comments and online posts where some parents say that kids need guidance when it comes to how they dress for school, while others say, it's not an issue so leave it alone.

One Loudoun County Public schools parent wrote, "I wish the schools had a little bit of a dress code - like showing a little stomach is ok but something that's basically a bra? No."

Another parent shared when she was in school back in the 80's saying, "I'll never forget in high school biology class, my teacher called me to the front of the classroom and measured my skirt in front of the entire class and told me it was inappropriate."

One other parent said, "Meh, I'm all for our young ladies wearing whatever they feel comfortable in. Crop tops do not impact their ability to learn."

Some Montgomery County parents whom Khan spoke with said that as long as the way their child dresses doesn't impact their academics, it shouldn't matter. Some other parents said there have been so many mornings when they're arguing with their son or daughter about what they can and cannot wear before heading to school.

"We had to have a conversation yesterday about it," said MCPS parent, Kisha Martin-Riley as she spoke about her daughter.

"She had dreamt of this outfit that she was going to wear at the last minute, but I had to tell her, 'That's not appropriate because you're not going to go out of here promoting something other than your brand and who you are.'"

"When my daughter is trying to choose outfits I curb her to find her choices or my son's choices so they can express themselves but what I'm finding is, there seems to be a lot more pressure at school to look more like an adult," said MCPS mom, Lesley Estrada.

"I don't see why it matters what a child wears to school," said Montgomery County mother, Jenna Liu. "If they are there and want to learn then they could do it in a sports bra and pajama pants just as easily as they can in a t-shirt and jeans so it really has no bearing on a student's academic performance but it does have a bearing on how they feel about themselves."

Khan contacted school districts in Montgomery, Fairfax and Loudoun counties and was directed to check their dress code policy online. But when asked further if they would conduct a more hands-on approach when it comes to enforcing their policies, Khan did not receive a follow up response.