Dave Chappelle photobombs Ohio couple's engagement session

An Ohio couple and photographer were in for quite the surprise over the weekend while taking engagements pictures at a brewery outside of Dayton.

Photographer Jaycee Brammer of Jaycee Marie Photography was taking photos of engaged couple Tommy Saunders and Emily Eldridge at Yellow Springs Brewery when they spotted comedian and area local Dave Chappelle.

Brammer says the D.C.-native comedian had said "Let me just photobomb one!" before hopping behind the couple for a couple of pictures.

The photos have now gone viral in Brammer's post on social media.

Brammer, who is from Cincinnati, said her husband was with her for the shoot and recognized Chappelle, who had come into the brewery for a drink at the bar.

"If you didn't know him you really wouldn't have noticed. Nobody acted like it was a huge deal, I assume because they're used to seeing him," she said.

Chappelle, whose parents separated when he was young, spent time between the D.C.-area and Yellow Springs, where his dad worked at Antioch College.

Brammer said she and her clients went outside for their shoot, but later spotted Chappelle standing several feet away.

She says the man she was photographing, Tommy, asked Chappelle to join them for a picture, but Chappelle said no.

"He politely declined and said he just didn't do that. We totally understood. That's his hometown and he was just there trying to relax. He actually asked us all where we were from and chatted with us for a few minutes," she said.

Brammer says she and her clients walked away to take other photos, with Chappelle still nearby.

"A couple minutes later he randomly changed his mind and said 'Let me just photobomb one!' We were so excited and shocked."

Brammer says she was shocked at the moment but didn't want to miss the opportunity for the photographs.

"It was absolutely crazy!"

Brammer has been thrilled by the positive reaction from the photos.

"I am so incredibly grateful and blessed! This is absolute insanity, guys!! Thank you, Dave. YOU ARE THE MAN!" wrote Brammer on social media.