DA: Maurice Hill to face enough charges that he ‘may never exit jail

While charges have not been filed against Maurice Hill, the man accused of shooting six officers in North Philadelphia, the district attorney spoke Thursday about what charges he may face.

Due to the high public interest in the case, District Attorney Larry Krasner felt it was necessary to explain which charges he expects Hill to eventually face.

“I am saying more than we usually say because I understand the public wants to know more, and rightly so,” Krasner said.

Krasner’s office intends to charge Hill with attempted murder, first degree aggravated assault, firearms charges and drug charges. In addition, Krasner said it could be possible Hill will also face conspiracy charges in connection with the incident.

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The district attorney added that there would be “more than enough charges so that Mr. Maurice Hill may never exit jail.”

During a Thursday afternoon press conference, Krasner laid out Hill’s criminal history, which he says included a federal weapons conviction. He added that Hill was also under federal supervision up until about 2016.

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“It’s clear this man should not have been on the streets in the sense that he obviously was a tremendous danger to the public and to law enforcement,” Krasner said when asked if Hill should have been on the streets. “It is obvious, looking at the actions taken here, that this was someone who needed to be off the streets.”

“I think what it says is that the system had multiple contacts with this man and the system, following it’s policies and it philosophies at those times, did things that obviously did not stop this incident,” he added.

Krasner also confirmed that he spoke with Maurice Hill on a three-way call with his attorney Shaka Johnson after Johnson had reached out to him.