Crews preparing for rough weather and rough roads in the DMV on Tuesday

Road crews are gearing up, preparing to do what they can to keep things running smoothly when the weather takes a turn for the worse on Tuesday.

After "Carmageddon" in 2011, the federal government let out early during an afternoon storm, and people were stuck in gridlock on the roads for more than six hours across the D.C. region.

Officials do not want that to happen again, so truck operators are arriving at the salt domes starting at midnight.

Ellen Kamilakis of the Virginia Department of Transportation says about 1,200 vehicles and pieces of equipment will be out on the roads in Northern Virginia on Tuesday, carrying salt, sand, and plows.

They spent today pre-treating known trouble spots like ramps, bridges and overpasses, and major highways with brine.

Even though the storm is expected to begin with rain which would wash some of it away, the pavement was warm today, which helps when applying it, and they're hoping it will make a difference.

The VDOT says it is taking extra precautions because the inclement weather is expected to cover rush hour.

D.C. and Maryland are taking similar measure.

The Maryland State Highway is also taking to social media, asking that drivers exercise extreme caution.

They say to stock your car with a winter survival kit including blankets, snacks and water, as well a full gas tank and a fully charged cell phone.