Couple gets married in the middle of street of busy DC intersection

It was a perfect day for a wedding as a D.C. couple stopped traffic at the height of rush hour for 35 seconds to get hitched.

"Stopping the world for my beautiful bride-to-be," said Roi Mitchell Sr.

Mitchell and the bride, Rory Flack, decided to get married at one of the busiest downtown intersections at 7th and H Streets in Chinatown.

The couple, along with an officiant, family and friends, waited for a red light and walked into traffic for their nuptials.

The couple decided to tie the knot at the exact place they got engaged. Last week at this very same intersection in the middle of traffic during a red light, he asked for her hand in marriage while dodging trucks.

"I thought of it all myself," said Mitchell.

Since the wedding was so quick, it didn't cause too much of a backup.

D.C. police just happened to be on site to help avoid any collisions. But the worst thing drivers had to deal with was just waiting for the next green light.

"We got our rings up in New York," Mitchell told us. "We got matching tattoo rings in New York City … They did an awesome job."

The happy newlyweds say this is the only wedding they will have. There will be no redo at a larger venue.

Their only focus now is to have a great life together after an awesome honeymoon on the beach in Florida.