Texas couple sues Maryland man after Airbnb nightmare

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A couple is suing a Maryland man after discovering hidden cameras in the Airbnb they rented from him.  

The lawsuit alleges "Plaintiffs’ privacy was invaded by multiple hidden cameras disguised as smoke detectors that had been placed in the bathroom and bedroom at their Airbnb rental." 

After driving 23 hours from Texas, Kayelee Gates and her fiancé – Christian Capraro – booked a two-night stay at the rental on Dale Drive in Silver Spring, Maryland in August 2022 and left after being concerned about allegedly secretly being recorded. 

"I went into pure panic, pure shock mode," said Kayelee Gates. 

Court documents reveal the couple "were intimate while in the shared bathroom" then "laid down on the bed, put a movie on and began to relax." All of a sudden they noticed a smoke detector above the bed in the middle of the ceiling, and another one in the corner — which made them grow suspicious. After taking it down, they realized it was actually a hidden camera. The pair found an identical one in the bathroom.

"I’ve definitely had many cry sessions about it. Like, I can feel my heart start beating really heavy and fluttery whenever I start thinking about a situation. Whenever I start thinking about the situation – I get a little shaky even talking about it," said Gates.

Kayelee was overcome with emotion, "embarrassment, humiliation, disgrace and loss of dignity"  –  just to name a few.

"At the time, I was gaslighting myself into thinking that I was making it up, that I was being over dramatic because this isn’t something you expect to happen to you," said Gates.

She left the Airbnb to stay at a hotel with her loved one and immediately called police.

Officers then responded to the residence and discovered another video recording device disguised as a smoke detector in the basement where a different guest was staying.

Dan Whitney, Jr. is representing both clients in this case and says this is a nightmare scenario for the couple.

"Now it’s a Pandora's box of uncertainty. Once that recording is made, it’s impossible to know where it went, who sent it, has it been shared, has it gone on the internet," said Whitney Jr.

FOX 5 did try to get in touch with the property owner, Christoper Goisse, but he did not answer the phone. When confronted one year ago, he denied any wrongdoing.

The lawsuit alleges that he is legally responsible for the hidden cameras that were placed there by his brother, Larry Goisse. The complaint contends that Christopher Goisse "refused to allow MCPD to search the bedroom where his twin brother Larry was staying, which had a locked door." It continues to say, "Larry eventually emerged, presumably after taking the time to destroy evidence."  

"It gives me the heebie geebies not knowing if someone looks at me weird if there’s a potential they have seen it. That always lurks in the back of my head every time I meet somebody," Gates said.

The defendant Christopher Goisse had 30 days to respond to this lawsuit and the couple is seeking more than $75,000 for the stress and strain this situation has caused them.

Montgomery County police aren’t commenting at this time due to the pending litigation.


Airbnb host accused of using hidden cameras and recording guests in Silver Spring

Montgomery County Police executed a search warrant at a short-term rental property in Silver Spring after allegations of hidden cameras and video recordings.

Read the full lawsuit below: 

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to clarify that the complaint alleges that the cameras were physically placed by Larry Goisse, and Christopher Goisse is being sued for legal responsibility.