Airbnb host accused of using hidden cameras and recording guests in Silver Spring

Montgomery County Police executed a search warrant at a short-term rental property in a Silver Spring neighborhood on Friday, August 5th after allegations of hidden cameras and video recordings.

Neighbors who live near the house along the 1100 Block of Dale Drive told FOX 5 they did notice multiple police cars in front of the Airbnb and said if the complaints are true — that's absurd.

"I’m shocked for the neighborhood ‘cause that’s not what we are based on," Jane Holmes said. "[I’ve] Been here for 40 years. It would be the first time anything like that has ever happened here. It’s terrible, doesn’t speak well for Airbnb. You think you’re renting some place that’s safe, and it’s not."

Montgomery County Police said they did discover evidence to support their case. However, since the situation is an ongoing investigation, they weren’t willing to provide any more specifics.

FOX 5 has requested the police report to get more details. 

According to the Airbnb Community Standards with rules for hosts, it states: "You should not spy on other people; cameras are not allowed in your listing unless they are previously disclosed and visible, and they are never permitted in private spaces like bathrooms or sleeping areas."

FOX 5's Sierra Fox spoke with the property owner, Christopher Goisse, over the phone. 

He denied the claims, saying he didn’t do it, and he believes there is a possibility that a guest planted a device then took it to police.

Goisse continued to say he is cooperating with authorities and allowed officers to search his entire home as well as his electronic devices like his cell phone and iPad. He also says he gave them permission to access the Nest security cameras he does have in main entryways throughout the property.

At this time, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.

An online listing for the short-term rental reveals the Silver Spring, Maryland Airbnb is no longer taking reservations.

"I don’t really understand people's agendas nowadays – everyone has some sort of ulterior motive that they’re trying to achieve or get toward," said Demetrius Berry, a Silver Spring Resident. "I would just tell people take the proper precaution. If you do get one, have a walk through, make sure all the amenities are right before you just up and drop all your stuff."

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