Could the heatwave cause rolling blackouts in DC, Maryland and Virginia?

The DMV is feeling the heat and temperatures are only expected to keep going up, prompting some concern about the potential for rolling blackouts. 

As people blast the air conditioning to keep cool, FOX 5 spoke with Dominion Energy about the impact it could have on our electrical grid.

Dominion Energy says they’re not worried about any rolling blackouts but added that they’re staying prepared amid the summer heatwave.

"We try to limit all of our daily work that may cause us to move load or shift load or do anything that makes our system abnormal during this heat wave so that conditions stay the same, and then our customers don't experience any situations on their end," said Davon Knott the Northern Virginia Regional Operating Center General Manage with Dominion Energy.

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Dominion Energy also says we can do our part to avoid undue pressure on the grid and system.

You can increase the thermostat to avoid overworking your air conditioning, turn on fans to take stress off the system and close blinds and curtains to keep your home cooler longer is also helpful.

Dominion says our area has never experienced rolling blackouts due to heat and it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. 

The electrical companies say they are maintaining the status quo.

Pepco says they’re prepared too, making sure to inspect cables, move vulnerable equipment underground and upgrade substations.