Controversial Trump parody video features Boulder Creek High School principal, assistant principal

Imitation has often been considered the sincerest form of flattery, but the principal and assistant principal of Boulder Creek High School in Anthem are under fire for appearing in a video, in which they poke fun at President Donald Trump and his advisor, Kellyanne Conway.

But parents aren't laughing and many of them are demanding that the two school officials be fired.

BCHS Principal Lauren Sheahan and Assistant Principal Jay Kopas are on paid administrative leave as the school district investigates.

The pair says the 7-minute satirical skit was meant only for staff members, who would understand this to be an inside joke.

"We will build the wall around our border and keep those moron parents and weak and loser students out."

"What Mr. Trump was saying is Boulder Creek is a great school, a wonderful school.."

However, the video has gone viral and some parents across the valley are not laughing, calling it inappropriate and offensive.

"If you don't want it to be said to the masses, perhaps you shouldn't be saying it at all," said Kristi Castillo, a parent. "I think of somebody of that level, she is an officer of the school and administration. I think that you should know better in what is comedy and what is not."

Furious parents have started a petition, asking the school board to fire the pair. Meanwhile, the school district says the skit was meant to be light-hearted and entertaining, but did not endorse the video.

The principal apologized in a letter.