Controversial conservative stirs debate at American University

A controversy is brewing at American University over an appearance by a conservative writer.

At issue is an address urging people to not be so quick to believe sexual assault accusers before the accused person has a chance to defend themselves. Now, one student group says they're setting up a safe space on campus to protect students who may be offended by that topic.

Amber Athey, a senior editor at the conservative publication "The Daily Caller" says she's facing a backlash from a campus women's group.

Initially, the speech was going to be called "Don't Believe All Women," but it's been changed to "Believe Women vs. Due Process."

The Student Government Association's Women's Initiative has condemned the speech, inviting students stay in "safe spaces."

Athey says it's an attempt to silence her.

"Which basically suggests that students need physical protection from my speech. That's where the silencing comes in. They're not coming to the speech and asking questions and trying to have a disagreement and learn something. They're not interested in listening to what I have to say at all. They're dismissing it out right and encouraging others to do so," Athey said.

Social media posts suggest that some groups are planning to protest the event Tuesday night.

The speech is scheduled for 8 p.m. at Butler Pavilion.