Congressional hearings could be looming for Washington Football Team

Calls for transparency have continued to grow in recent weeks for the Washington Football Team. Two House Democrats sent a letter to the NFL Thursday asking about the investigation into the team and now an area representative on the oversight committee says hearings could be next.

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The House Oversight Committee has given the NFL until Nov to hand over documents related to the investigation into workplace misconduct.

Attorney Beth Wilkinson did an investigation into the team and found they operated a "highly unprofessional workplace," especially for women.

The team paid a $10 million fine, but the results of the investigation, any report or any specific remedies were never released publicly.

Congressman Gerry Connolly says he believes this is Congress' business because of the power and prestige of the NFL and the fact that some of the victims are his constituents.

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He thinks hearings are a distinct possibility, especially since emails emerged highlighting sexist, racist and homophobic rhetoric.

"I believe that those who allowed this culture, which was apparently rampant, we’re not talking about isolated incidents, we’re talking about an entire culture dominating this team and its workplace," Rep. Connolly says. "They have to be held to account. And I just think we need a lot more detail."

There’s also the human side of this for those who worked for the team.

Rachel Engleson is a former front office employee who says she was sexually harassed by men in the office. 

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Engleson was disappointed in the punishment doled out in July and was unsure anything would ever come of the investigation.

Tonight, Engleson tells FOX 5 she’s hopeful now that Congress is involved.

"I was filled with optimism. For the first time, I felt like the government is coming in and saying, ‘Hey, this was wrong,’ and understanding what really happened here," says Engleson. "And so I, you know, was pretty happy that happened."

The Washington Football Team did not respond to our request for comment.


The NFL has told Congress they'll talk, according to an AP report.

FOX 5 also reached out to Wilkinson to see if she had anything to say about the findings of her investigation becoming public, but she said she was unable to comment at this time.