'It's still shocking': Community safety meeting held a week after fatal Potomac Ave Metro shooting

More than a week after the deadly shooting at the Potomac Avenue Metro station, riders are still in shock and concerned about their safety.

The way some riders maneuver around the metro is changing.

At a community meeting Thursday night at Chamberlain Elementary, Metro Transit Police informed a gym full of residents that they can expect to see "external partners," including armed security guards inside and outside stations.

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Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen says the city is looking into permanent solutions.

"On the urgent side, we are working very closely with our first district MPD leadership and transit police to make sure there is greater visibility in that space," Allen said.  

They are also exploring ways to provide coverage at the station for riders and people who live nearby.

"We also want to create a safe passages site at the metro," said Mat LaFortune, advisory neighborhood commissioner for 6B09. "It's a center point for four elementary schools. We think it's a perfect candidate to have an adult positive presence; making kids safe as they are going to and from school."

Transit police say they are ramping up recruitment and looking at ways to fill vacancies to better protect riders.

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But people who live in the area say it's bigger than the metro. Allen says those conversations are currently happening.

"What can we be doing as a community to stop this gun violence and make sure everyone has a safe community," he said.

A community that is still trying to make sense of the life that was taken inside their neighborhood train station.

"It's still shocking. Still trying to take it all in," said one rider.

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Metro Transit Police is reminding riders to call 911 in case of an emergency.

In a situation where riders are not able to pick up the phone and speak to dispatch, people can send a text to MYMTPD (696873).