Community mourns slain Annapolis rapper; cops still looking for killer

New details are emerging in a shooting that killed a talented local rapper.

Edward Montre Seay - also known as Tre Da Kid - was found dead in his car after a crash in Annapolis on Friday.

Police have yet to make any arrests.

The homicide was the first of the year for Annapolis. And the victim was a fixture in the community.

Seay grew up in the neighborhood behind the shopping center where he was found dead.

Three days later, the light pole he crashed into is still bent, and people have left flowers in the spot where his car came to a rest after the shooting.

Tre Da Kid earned notoriety in 2016 when he won the National Freestyle 50 Challenge in Atlanta.
Seay took home a $10,000 price, a recording contract, and the opportunity to tour.

The Annapolis native was a lifetime city resident, known for being a good role model.

"When he won the national contest, the rapping contest, he immediately came right back here to Annapolis in the neighborhood of Newtowne 20, which is just behind us here. And he had the entire community involved. Young people, older folks…he brought it right back here….and he has a young son which is just unbelievably tragic," said Arnold Smith, a family friend.

Seay was supposed to perform in Baltimore the night he was killed, but Annapolis police say he was shot while driving along Forest Drive near Newtowne Drive, which caused him to veer over lanes of oncoming traffic and crash into a ditch near South Cherry Grove Lane.

"We just know he was in his vehicle traveling and then someone outside vehicle, shot at the vehicle and then the collision happened," said Annapolis Police Sgt. Amy Miquez.

A memorial in a spot where his body was found continues to grow - and loved ones want answers.

"This young man should be here because he was doing so much to help to try and end the violence. And to be ended in such a tragic way is just horrifying," Smith said.

"This was a man that touched a lot of people's lives because of his career and personality so we are seeing a lot of community engagement, community outreach, outpouring of support for family and friends, it's unfortunate its over something this tragic and violent," Miguez said.