College apologizes for serving Mexican food at space alien-themed party

A California college has apologized for its "insensitivity" after serving Mexican food at an official school night party whose theme, "Intergalactic," included decorations featuring aliens from outer space.

In a letter addressed to its student body, Stevenson College - which is part of the University of California, Santa Cruz - said it received complaints from students and others within the university who were offended by the decision to serve Mexican food at the Sci-Fi party because of its perceived connection to the immigration debate.

The term "illegal aliens" is sometimes used to describe people who cross the U.S.-Mexico border without documentation, but many Latinos and immigration advocates consider it pejorative.

"We would never want to make a connection between individuals of Latino heritage or undocumented students and ‘aliens,' and I am so sorry that our College Night appeared to do exactly that," reads the letter, which was written by Carolyn Golz, a student life administrator.